Tye Dyed Sarongs


Tye Dyed using fuchsia and black on white rayon. Sarong/Pareo has fringe and in addition to being worn can also be used as a table cloth or across the bed or couch for a pop of color.

The fabric is rayon and comes in one size and measures 42″x72″.

Dyeing fabric is always exciting, providing a surprise every time I unwrap it and see the colors merge and create a new pattern.

More on the way….

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LILIKAI tye dyed silk chiffon sarong/pareo. Perfect to wear tied around the hip & can also be worn as a scarf or shawl. Measures 42″x 72″


LILIKAI tie dyed blue rayon sarong/pareo. Cute over a bikini or worn as a scarf. Measures 22″ x 74″


LILIKAI tie dyed purple sarong/pareo. Wear around hips or as a scarf or shawl.  Measures 22″ x 74″


Having so much fun making these…more will be added weekly……


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Saturday July 9thFullSizeRender (80)The Long Beach Fireboat practicing maneuvers in the harbor —during the women’s event!!

FullSizeRender.jpgeventIt was VERY exciting – it must’ve felt like being at Niagara Falls!!

event (5)Cathy, one of my happy customers, wearing a pair of  LiliKai BoardShorts…            5″ Tahiti in Teal/Gold

event (6)Kerry, one of the women paddlers, happy in her pair of LiliKai BoardShorts.       Wearing Pacific Island 5″in Coral/White.


event (9)Lesa is checking out all the vendors in between the races. She’s wearing a pair of 10″ Pacific Island Blue/White.



Lots of Sun and Fun and great surf on the Sat the 25th.

I had great neighbors: HOBIE, GIRL IN THE CURL & SLYDE Handboards.

So Cal can be so nice and laid back in the surf communities of San Clemente, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Ocaeanside….A very nice weekend and great response to my line of women’s boardshorts. ….”Love the colors, they’re so soft, so comfortable…..”




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Into the Misty Grey


KAHANAMOKU Outrigger Canoe Race June 14,2016

The paddlers showed lots of enthusiasm even though the day was cold, grey and windy. Some of the race courses had to be altered since the visibility was so bad.

FullSizeRender (52)
Each team showed the true Aloha spirit and everyone was Ohana. There were paddlers from up and down the So Cal coast with men, women, coed &keikis all participating.

FullSizeRender (29)

Funny how kids and dogs love to play in the water no matter the weather !!! They were running up and down the beach and swimming and some were on a SUP in a bikini.

FullSizeRender (65)

Meanwhile…I was “hunkering down” in a warm coat that another vendor generously loaned me. I took this photo while sitting in my sand chair looking out through my LILIKAI women’s boardshorts. It was a fun and successful day AND I met some terrific ladies. Some women wait and some wish and these women are out their DOING!!!

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Just Do It

This was a fun race put on by our famous outrigger club Lanakila. It was a combination event with a 5 mile ocean race in horrible conditions that even more than challenged the “Pros” with wind and heavy surf.There also was a 1 mile open race with SUP and outriggers in King Harbor. I got a 1st on the 1 mile. Kinda crazy racing next to an outrigger canoe – they churn up the water and some tipped over next to me and in front of me. So even though I was in the safe harbor I had a few challenges.


In front of my LILIKAI booth at Seaside Lagoon, King Harbor, Redondo Beach  CA

I’m wearing LILIKAI boardshorts. (and my comfy Rainbow sandals)

Waterlites in Teal/Aqua 10″ classic “boardie”. They also come in a 5″.