About LiliKai

Into the Sunset
Into the Sunset

I live at the beach and have always been a beach girl. Most of my years were spent sitting in the sand and watching “the guys” surf.

When “my guy” had to stop surfing he started Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Well—-this got me hooked as well. Now we are out on the water almost every day.

One day while out on my board I started wondering why there weren’t any cute boardshorts for gals???? The guys have an endless number of styles and colors BUT not the gals. The only ones available were either too short for sports or only available in black. My goal is to get women in and on the water, to be participants and feel empowered and good about themselves!

That’s how LiliKai was started. A boardshort for a woman that is flexible and comfortable – made from the same fabric worn by pro surfers. They’re available in a variety of beautiful prints and lengths. They fit amazing and are “CUTE”.

Lili is my daughter’s nickname and Kai is ocean in Hawaiian. We are a small company committed to selling the highest quality boardshort available and committed to supporting small business by using local contractors by making everything locally here in Southern California. A percentage of profits are donated to Heal the Bay, Surfrider and NOAA  Coral Reef Alliance


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