My Stand Up Paddleboards

Just beginning ~~ on my first SUP a Blue Bamboo by Riviera.

This was about 3 years ago… and it was love at the first stroke.  Notice the boardshorts! These were the only women’s boardshorts available at the time and only available in black or turquoise.

 This was year 2 and I’m on my 2nd board- a RAVEN by Boardworks.

Still wearing the same shorts – those or my husbands boardshorts! I’m paddling in King Harbor Redondo Beach, CA.  I’m busy picking up rubbish along the breakwall. There’s almost always plastic – especially plastic bags! Sometimes fishing line which I pulled up- about 20′ with a lure. The fishing line wraps around the necks of sea lions, seals and birds. NOT  GOOD!!!! And the plastic breaks down into tiny pieces that are eaten by the birds and fish. NOT GOOD!!!!

   Now I am on my 3rd SUP –  A custom race board by BARK.

My friend won quite a few races on it and I was lucky enough to buy it. I went on to race it a couple of times and inherited it’s good luck- won 1 race and came in 2nd on the other.

Finally I’m wearing cute women’s boardshorts! I kept waiting for someone to come out with a line for women and since no one else did it was left to me. LILIKAI was created on a sup by a woman for women who love to be outdoors and especially on the water.      Perfect for SUP, kayak, outriggers, sailing and surfing.  Also for a walk on the beach….

In King Harbor with the Wyland mural in the background on the left and on the right a boat about to sail to Catalina Island 26 miles off the coast of CA.

Wearing  LILIKAI  boardshorts in 7″ length…

On my 4th board- a really fast race board! Shaped by a talented surfer/sup guy from Hermosa Beach. He built it for himself and raced it til he was ready to create a new one. I’m a lucky gal – it’s awesome!

I’m in Morro Bay, CA  with THE ROCK behind me. A great get-away half way between LA & San Francisco. Paddled 6 miles of ever changing views.

Wearing REEF in 10″.




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