Competition is Good

just back from a 3mile race in Naples/Long Beach
Just back from a SUP 3 mile race in Naples/Long Beach

The paddleboard race was an “Open Class” with men and women of all ages. I got 2nd woman(she was 30 years younger) and 7th overall with 40 participants! It was my first SUP race and quite the experience.

I entered for 2 reasons: 1 to promote my line of boardshorts for women and secondly to push myself in a whole new element. Why sit on a beach and watch when you can be in/on the water exploring yourself and the world? Why not try…?

Since this race I’ve met women of all ages and sizes who are not content to just be observers – they are participating – IN LIFE!

I hesitated in posting my photo (not my most flattering) but hey it was a memorable experience and I was pretty proud of myself….I just might enter another race and continue to challenge myself and the concept of age being self limiting.

boardshorts for women made in SoCal USA


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