Outrigger Canoe Championship

Outriggers Finish at Newport Dunes
Outrigger canoes finish at Newport Dunes. Kinda hard to see – they’re “parked” across the bay. The finish line was at the harbor entrance – they then paddled another 3 miles into the back bay under the bridge. The welcoming party was their waiting and then everyone came across the bridge to celebrate.

The 56th Annual Catalina Channel Crossing/US Outrigger Championship is the longest Polynesian canoe race in the continental US. It was held Sat/Sun September 12-13. The women’s race began on Saturday in Newport Beach and finished 26 miles later in Avalon, Catalina. The men’s race was longer – about 32 miles and started Sunday in Avalon and finished in Newport.

There were canoes and teams from such diverse places -Tahiti, Canada, Mass, North and So Cal.

Lanikila is my local team and races/practices out of King Harbor Redondo Beach  CA They have always been the team to beat. This weekend it was the men’s Tahiti team that took 1st and Lankila took 4th.

I wonder how these teams from out of the area manage to ship their canoes..???

One of the best part of the day for me was seeing women of all ages and sizes participating in a athletic event that was demanding and powerful. Women who were doing something – not waiting for something… women who participated and were more than just spectators.

It was such a fun day–and my women’s boardshorts, LiliKai, were a hit. A great enviornment at Newport Dunes.

LiliKai boardshorts was there along with a few other vendors.
LiliKai boardshorts tent.
FullSizeRender (19)
A few of the other vendors.
LiliKai  boardshorts for women
LiliKai boardshorts for women. A variety of colors and lengths. Setting up our tents in the sand was a bit challenging – and THE TREE-  added another dimension!

My husband and I did a 3 mile SUP a couple of days before in the harbor and it was spectacular. A Huge marina with exquisite boats and homes on the canals .

You can rent boards and kyaks in the area and paddle for miles….



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